voices from the cascadia bioregion

rorschach meets cascadia: heaving & fretting, part 1

by kim clark

Rorschach Meets Cascadia 1a
I wonder what Rorschach
would make of this place, this
asymmetrical black hole or space
or face or possibly the shape
of things to come

when all I see now
is the long-toothed shadow
[late afternoon distorted]
of a woman
in a walking cast
with a woven satchel
banging against her hippy

Forgive me, personality.


The image used in this piece is a manipulation of the outline of Cascadia, as created by David McCloskey, Cascadia Institute.


    statement of place: kim clark

    To say I sulked my way into Cascadia from the prairies—at the age of twelve—would be an understatement. Almost fifty years later (living in British Columbia’s Vancouver, The Okanagan, the Sunshine Coast and, now, Vancouver Island), leaving is unimaginable.

    Cascadia and I have grown in and on and around and through each other. But it wasn’t until I got involved with the upcoming 2015 Cascadia Poetry Festival in Nanaimo, British Columbia (April 30-May 3), that I really saw and felt Cascadia as a unique, creative and vibrant bioregion rather than just a concept. I’m the festival website fiddler (rather than master) so I’ve spent months now working with the relevant textual and visual information. This sounds ridiculously impersonal. It’s anything but! I am newly and more deeply connected, not only to the poetry and geography of Cascadia, but to my “place.” Fortunate me!