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voices from the cascadia bioregion

(always bowing 3)

by paul falardeau

bow to mushrooms.
In their mysterious circles,
realize that spores
and faeries are not mutually exclusive
modes of dispersion;
that toadstool is a name with magic in it,
but fungi may be less

Holy Decomposer.
Emissary of Dionysis.
Lotus of the Logs.
Genetic dynamo of earthly order.
Stacker and restacker!

I weep for my salvation
and, in the rain,
I am reborn.


    statement of place: paul falardeau

    My influences hail from around the Pacific Rim, including writers and philosophers from across Asia, the Beats, the Existentialists, transcendentalists, ecologists and deconstructionialists—generally, those who like to spend time outside and who either enjoy talking or who enjoy being silent. I am somewhere in between. All this is based in indigenous knowledge, especially that of this region. With that at heart, I gratefully stand ‘neath the umbrella (in this region, which is ever ruled by cascading waters) of the term Turtle Island writers and bow my head to those contemporary and elder thinkers and writers of that long tradition. I live in Aldergrove, British Columbia, near Bertram Creek within the Lower Fraser River watershed. Names are magic and nonsense both, but as it goes, the plants aren’t fooled.