Training A Golden Retriever

Training A Golden Retriever – Do You Want To Hanger Your Puppy Or Dog?


Training A Golden Retriever : Are you wondering whether you should start training a golden retriever? You should start training a golden retriever as soon as you bring your puppy home. Why? You may ask this yourself. Well, the earlier you start, the better it will be for you. A puppy is like a little child, it cannot distinguish what is right or wrong, it does not know the difference between a bad chew toy and a good one. If you let it chew and destroy your belongings, you will end up with a mess to clean and a smell to get rid of. You certainly do not want this to happen to you, right? You need to make sure to train and discipline your puppy quickly and early.

If you do not, you might have a difficulty in training your puppy. This is because your puppy does not know the dos and don’ts of good behavior and bad behavior. As a result, it may not know what is a wrong order or behavior. If this happens, you and your puppy will bear the risk of an ongoing battle that might put an end to your hopes of having a well trained and mannered dog.

golden retriever on gray rock during daytime

You want to train your golden retriever puppy or dog to be well behaved? Well, you should start training the puppy that you are his or her owner. You are the master or master, or the “alpha leader” of your dog. How? By being firm and taking charge. How do you go about this? You should make it known to your puppy that you are always the boss. By putting him into submission, you will be his master.

From the moment you bring your puppy home, you should start training him or her, or her. There are several things you should do and keep doing. One of these is to always let your puppy know that you are the master. He or she will get the idea that you are always the one in command.

If you are going to train your golden retriever yourself, you should know about golden rules. These are a set of commands that your puppy must know in order to become well-mannered. In order to train him or her, you have to know what these are.

The first one is the sit command. This is very basic and important in training your puppy. He or she may look at you with confusion the first time you say the word, but they will get the idea soon enough.

The second one is the stay command. You will find that this is a good command to teach your puppy at a very young age. Why? It will keep him or her from running all over the place and getting into things that he or she is not supposed to get into.

The third one is the come command. You will find that this is a very handy command to use. One example that I will give you of why it is so useful is when you are camping or on the beach. You will usually want your puppy with you because you do not want him or her to run off and get into trouble. This command will remind you to keep him or her close and that you are going to need his or her presence to get him or her through this confusing situation.

Golden Rule #4 is to always treat your puppy with kindness. This rule goes along with treat training. You also need to make sure that you treat your puppy in a way that he or she expects. That way, you will get the desired results that you are looking for from your puppy.

Use these golden rules to help you in your puppy potty training. These are the four rules you will need to start out with puppy potty training.